Over the years, I’ve worked as a coffee barista, a counselor, a behavioral health advocate at a psychiatric hospital, an ESL teacher,  a freelance writer, and finally an entrepreneur. I’ve been writing fiction since I was 22 and non-fiction since I was 25. I am in my thirties now and have (for the most part) been able to channel my privileged and diverse experiences into an unrelenting need to create, collaborate, and get stuff out to the world. Whether it’s a fictional story, a political opinion, or creating a new vegan recipe for my blog, I am always seeking to write and put out things to the world.

A bunch of my personal time is devoted to having online discussions on philosophy, politics, pop-culture, and ethics. I am addicted to coffee and likely to jump at any chance of being involved in  projects that combine or involve writing, political discourse, and art that inspires social engagement. I live with my partner Indra with our two adopted dogs Nimbu and Henna. I have a hella dark sense of humor that borders on  bizarre. It’s best not to try to express that side of me on this website. But you’re likely to see some of it in person or on social media.

Here’s the self-aggrandising third-person biography that sums up my writing career

Rheea Mukherjee received her MFA from California College of the Arts in San Francisco. Her work has been published in Scroll.in, Southern Humanities Review, LA Times, Huffington Post, Out of Print, LIT magazine, and Bengal Lights, among others. Her first book, a collection of  short  stories, Transit  for Beginners,

was published by Kitaab in 2016. Her debut novel The Body Myth is all set for U.S publication for early 2019 by Unnamed Press. Her previous fiction has been nominated for a Pushcart and was a semi-finalist for the Black Lawrence Press award. She co-founded Bangalore Writers Workshop in 2012 and currently co-runs Write Leela Write, a Design and Content Laboratory in Bangalore. She is represented by Stacy Testa from Writers House. 


Say hello, I don’t bite (most of the time)

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